The best and appropriate food is none other than Apricot. An apricot is basically a fruit that has a great source of antioxidant, including Vitamin A and E. It is a multi-pack of fiber and nutrients and perfect food which should be on the top of the list to add in your food diet routine.

As you all know that fresh apricots have a high amount of nutrients and health benefits but unfortunately, they are fragile. It’s not that easy to consume the fresh apricots as they may spoil your day if you stock them in your bag and want to consume them later as they might just end up with all the apricot mush all over your place in your bag.

The best and easier way to have apricots is to have dried apricots which also have the same amount of health benefits and nutrients which fresh apricots have.

The health benefits of Dried Apricots,

  • Dried Apricots have a high amount of fiber

Dried Apricots have a high amount of fiber, just one serving of Afghan dried apricots have 4 grams of fiber in it. These dried apricots can be used as a topping for a salad or can sprinkle it to give a great taste to your food. A high amount of fiber that is there in dried apricots can help in cleaning the impurities of your body. A high amount of intake of fiber in the body can help in reducing some weight and can even reduce your cholesterol levels form your body.

  • Dried Apricots are low in calories

Dried apricots can help you reduce your weight in the right amount of portion as they are low in calories. A single Afghani apricot contains 120 calories which are half the calories that are there in 1 candy bar or any chips. They have a good amount of fiber and nutrients which will not make you feel hungry again for hours.

  • Dried Apricots have Nutrients

High level of nutrients such as calcium which helps in keeping your bones even more strong. These dried apricots are also rich in Vitamin A which helps in building up your immune system, maintains, encourages cell growth, maintain good vision, etc.

Now you all know the nutritional value of Dried Apricots. You can now buy exotic dry fruits online from the Fruit of Afghan. They have the finest quality of dry fruits and nuts.

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