As the whole world is dealing with COVID’19 and advisory gave by the World Health Organisation many companies have been following a rule by maintaining social distancing and allowing their employees to work from home. Sometimes it’s hard to stay healthy when you are working from home because during this time a lot of distraction is happening when you are at home, the environment around you is less productive and your health and diet can get affected due to this.

When it becomes a little hard to stay healthy and do work from home together all you need to do is to make few changes in your lifestyle and daily routine. Check out the following healthy snacks that can cheer up your work environment and it will help you to keep healthy.

  1. Roasted Almonds-

Almonds are a great source of energy which helps in keeping your body energetic and helps in keeping your mind boosted and helps in maintaining alertness and preserve a memory for a longer time. You can soak them overnight and then in the morning you can have it before your breakfast, or maybe when you are working in the day. This will give you the energy that will help you stay positive and fresh the whole day.

  1. Walnuts-

These brain looking walnuts are actually good for your brain, they are rich in antioxidants and may also decrease inflammation in your body. This will help in keeping control of your body weight, and as you are working from the home first thing that will hit you when you eat any kind of food is your body weight and to maintain the balance you need to eat dry fruits and nuts as they are good for your body.

  1. Afghan Dried Apricots-

Dried Apricots are the best-dried fruit that can be consumed by anyone at any time. The taste of these apricots is so juicy. These dried apricots keep your bones strong and help in maintaining proper metabolism which has to be maintained when you ware working from home.

  1. Saffron-

Now you must be thinking that Saffron which is also known as Kesar if consumed in summers can be a little harmful to your body but you can have this during your work in cold milk as a thandai. It will taste good and will cheer your mood during work time and yes very good for your skin and body. Try to use 1-2 threads and enjoy your drink.

The main motive of telling you to eat good food is that it will help you keep safe and healthy during this bad phase, as we all know how coronavirus is killing our immunity with its impact, all you need to do is to be fit, healthy and boost your immunity by having dry fruits and good food. Stay Safe and Stay Home.

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