In this busy life, we often get late for work almost every day. Although breakfast is the most crucial meal which we choose to skip it. This results in our body starting to lack essential nutrients. That’s when grabbing a handful of dry fruits and nuts act as a supplement of breakfast and help our body in maintaining stability.

However, listed below are some of the reasons that are convincing enough to induce you to inculcate the habit of having dry fruits and nuts in the morning?

Benefits of Eating Dried Fruits and Nuts Every Morning

  • Fulfills YOUR DAILY REQUIREMENT OF FIBRE: Dry fruits and nuts are the highest source of the dietary fiber after fruits. Premium afghani dry apricots, as well as premium afghani green raisins, are the best source of fiber that plays a crucial role in increasing the size of our stool and softening it.
  • KEEPS YOUR HAIR HEALTHY: Grabbing a handful of premium afghani ghorbandi almonds every morning gives you energy as well as sharp memory. The presence of vitamin E strengthens your hair from the inside and make them shinier.
  • AIDS IN LOWERING FAT: Dry fruits come as a piece of good news to people who are conscious of their weight. The presence of carbohydrates, fats and an entire pack of other nutrients are capable of increasing metabolism as they normalize bowel movements. They often keep your stomach full and eliminate the urge of eating junk or unhealthy food.
  • IMPROVES HAEMOGLOBIN LEVELS: Eating dried fruits and nuts with an empty stomach every morning maintains the blood levels that reduce the risks associated with clotting. Nuts like premium Irani pistachios lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol. The presence of unsaturated fatty acids in dry fruits and nuts keeps our heart healthy by preventing heart stroke and attack.


Thus for all those who due to their busy schedule cannot take out time for breakfast should eat dry fruits and nuts daily in the morning. They not only fulfill the nutritional needs but also provide them with energy as well as helps them to fill up their stomach like any other meal. Buying dried fruits and nuts can be a costly affair but they would no longer be expensive if you buy in bulk from Fruit of Afghan by place an order on for availing great discounts.


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