When a woman is expecting a child in her life, that is the most beautiful new phase coming her on way. During that period of time, she needs more attention and extra care in her life. When you are pregnant you need to eat properly and you need to change your eating habits. During this period of time, the body needs proper minerals, vitamins, and a proper nutritious diet to make sure that the little one which is growing inside you should be healthy and fit. Including exotic dry fruits to your daily routine can help you to make this journey well and smooth.

Dry fruits are very healthy and should be consumed during pregnancy period but the quantity intake should not be more, as an overdose of these nuts can be harmful to you and your child.

Dry fruits during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, then dry fruits should be included in your daily diet, s they are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber. Dry fruits contain vitamins such as B1, B9, E, K, C, and H. These dry fruits are the best option of consuming as they can make your stomach full and can help you in reducing the craving of eating junk food.

Benefits of having Dry Fruits during pregnancy period

  • In pregnancy mostly women suffer a problem of constipation, dry fruits are the best option to have as they are high in fiber and high- fiber diet.
  • During this period, women suffer the problem of Iron, deficiency of iron is common during this time. Both mother and child need iron in their body, so you can add figs in your daily routine so that you meet the daily requirement of iron for your body.
  • For a child’s teeth and bones, Vitamin A is necessary.
  • During pregnancy your body needs immunity and to maintain this immunity Vitamin C is very important for your body. Dry fruits have a good amount of Vitamin C.
  • As you know that how these dry fruits are so rich in multiple vitamins and minerals. These dry fruits are also rich in potassium which helps in controlling the level of blood pressure and also helps in enhancing your muscles.
  • Pregnancy is that phase in your life in which you need extra energy. This energy is generated by sugars and to digest this sugar easily, dry fruits play an important part at a time. They have natural sugar levels which can be digested easily without giving any side effect to your body.
  • To develop a baby’s cells and lungs properly, Vitamin E is important. Dry fruits and nuts just don’t have Vitamin E in it but also have many other Vitamins and minerals in it which regulates the blood sugar in the mother’s body and helps the baby’s body to stay away from all bad problems.

Precautions during pregnancy, if eating dry fruits

Consume dry fruits in moderate quantity if consumed in excess quantity, you might suffer problems, that can be-

  • You might face gastrointestinal problems such as gas problems, diarrhea.
  • Excess consumption of dry fruits and nuts can help in gaining more fat to your body as they are high in calories.
  • Always try to eat fresh dry fruits rather than the packed and preservative, as they might be allergic to your body and this can create a lot of problems for you and for your baby.

So now you know how these dry fruits can help you during your pregnancy journey and can make your journey easy, healthy, and fit. But again you should consult your doctor before having any dry fruits, as they know more about your body and healthy but you want to have dry fruits, you can buy dry fruits online from the Fruit of Afghan, as they the best and finest quality of dry fruits.

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