Food is essential for our bodies to keep us warm and give us energy. By nature’s gift, we are blessed to have unlimited options of food we can have based on our tastes, body needs, weather, availability, nutritional value, medicinal value and so on. As fruits are an essential part of our daily diet, it is amazing to know that dry fruits are equally nutritional and are considered premium food based on its concentrated nutritional value.

Following are some dry fruits that our good in winters-


are very famous dry fruits available in the market. These are consumed by many people especially during winters due to its high caloric content providing warmth to the body.

As winters are approaching, everyone prepares for warm clothes and warm food. Due to lower ambient temperature, our body needs more energy to maintain its body temperature resulting in frequent snacking. This can lead to weight gain if snacks are mostly fried foods or food in large quantities. Dry fruits are a very good snacking option in winters as they keep you warm.


are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. The combination of protein, fiber, and fat in it makes it a satisfactory and healthy snack. Apart from its benefits, dry fruits are portable and easy to store and have a long shelf life.

Winters come with lots of festivals to be celebrated with friends and family.


are a good gift to present to friends and family with an assured quality snack. With 50% of fat content, it is rich in magnesium and zinc is used in many desserts for garnishing. I remember my grandfather used to keep a handful of dry fruits in his pocket and give us as a token of love. They boost immunity and are considered healthy.

There are some myths about it that they are fattening but the fact is that it is a small form of high energy giving food and has good fat which is considered healthy. Eating junk causes high cholesterol levels in the body whereas dry fruits are considered to prevent cholesterol and diabetes.

In the old days there used to be a particular shop from where dry fruits purchase was done to ensure the quality of the product but these days online options like Fruit of Afghan are there to get assured quality imported dry fruits like almonds with reasonable price. It makes the purchase easier by trusting the brand even without having any knowledge of the differentiated product, for example, ghorbandi almonds vs. mamra almonds, green raisins vs. red raisins. Combo packs are also available online at discounted prices offering a good deal during the festive season. So, give a warm welcome to the winters with dry fruits.



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