Are you also one who thinks this brain looking nut will make your brain sharp??

Well, I would say that you are neither right nor wrong.

Now you must be thinking, how is this even possible?

Let’s read it out.

FACT: Studies have shown that eating 10g of nuts daily will improve your cognitive power and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

Walnuts have been the most loved snack since ancient times and also the oldest food tree known to mankind. They have originated in the Mediterranean region and Central Asia and have been improving human health for ages. It not only tastes great but also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid which is quite difficult to find. It would be slightly difficult to overestimate the potential health benefits associated with this particular nut. In the world of technology, you can easily buy walnut without shell through Fruit of Afghan, one of the most premium dry fruit sellers online and enjoy good health. Walnuts have ample of good quality fat which makes it a high calorie and energy-boosting nut.

Walnuts are round, single-seeded stone solid fruits that grow on the huge walnut tree. The folds and pattern on walnut look similar to the brain and the rich content of omega 3 makes it support the brain functions. The left and right hemisphere of walnut-like brain have made it nicknamed as “brain food”. The oil in the walnut is known to break down the layer of plaque formed in the brain. They specifically nourish our brain, memory and mental function for its optimal functioning.

Walnuts are used in a variety of food items that we consume on our day to day basis. These crunchy nuts can easily be found in chocolates, cakes, cookies and even used as dressing for many food items. Even though they are a bit bitter in taste yet we all love them because of its crunch. They are well known for their skin and body benefits. Walnut extracts and walnut oils are used in various skin care products because of their high nutrient content.

Walnuts for Heart

Walnuts are considered highly beneficial for the cardiovascular system of the body. A few walnuts a day can help you control blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and encourage the production of good cholesterol which directly benefits the healthy heart.

A Perfect Immunity Booster

With high amounts of antioxidants, walnuts keep your immunity system strong and healthy. It helps you prevent your body from the onset of diseases. So, including walnuts in your daily diet can keep your body away from diseases and boost your inner health.

Build a Strong Bone

Walnuts are rich in the essential fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid. These acids and their compounds promote stronger and healthier bones. Also, the content of omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts decreases inflammation and thus keeping your bones stronger for the larger duration.

Cleans your Body from Within

The cleaning property of walnuts is a world known as they literally clean the entire digestive system. If taken in moderation, this nutrient powerhouse can clean your internal body from all kinds of fungus and parasites which cause itching or rashes on different body parts.

With innumerable health benefits, you can buy dry fruits online from Fruit of Afghan. We bring the finest quality of assorted dry fruits and nuts to keep your body fit and healthy.


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