Coronavirus– The word itself has created a panic attack on people in the world. So many countries are shut down and people have started working from home. This virus is affecting our body and immune system to that extend that all we can do is to take precautions against this situation.

Coronavirus is a disease which is caused due to respiratory illness with symptoms like cold, cough fever, breathing problem, and much more. So, the precautions that should be taken care of are to keep yourself clean and social distancing. Everyone wants to be safe and healthy right? So, to keep your surroundings clean and eat fresh is what we should do.

Lifestyle should be maintained properly, following are few tips that to boost your immunity fight against coronavirus-

  1. Ginger

Ginger helps in boosting your immune system as it has high antioxidants which help in killing the symptoms such as cold cough. During this time ginger should be taken either in hot water or you can add this your tea also. You can also add lemon with ginger or can add honey in hot water as they all have vitamins and minerals which can kill bacteria and will boost your immune system.

  1. Citrus Intake

Try to add Vitamin C to your daily routine. Vitamin C helps to improve your immune system. Intake of citrus fruit or juice will make more white blood cells in your body. You can have citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, or can take Amla Aleo vera juice. Amla aloe vera juice will detox your body and will improve your metabolism and will clean your system from within which will help you to fight against coronavirus.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are high antioxidants that keep your body healthy and fit. Dry fruits and nuts should be consumed by everyone as they are a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals. A handful of almonds or 8-10 almonds should be consumed daily to keep your body fresh and healthy.

  1. Turmeric

This bright yellow bitter spice can be used in hot milk as the amount of antioxidant it has, it can help in you keeping your fit and healthy from any disease. This is the best option of adding to your daily diet routine for a better immunity system.

  1. Eat Green Veggies

Try to eat as much fresh food as you can. Because during any illness what should be kept in mind is to eat healthy food and avoid junk. Try to avoid non-veg during this time because veggies are always healthy and fresh.

The most important thing that should be taken care of is to Stay Home and Stay Safe. Wash your hands properly and frequently. Try not to touch your face, avoid close contact. “Prevention is better than Cure”.

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